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Local foods and fresh ingredients build the basis for our philosophy. To us, Villa's lamb, whitefish from fisherman Häkkinen and Lemi's red potatos, are far more than just locally produced foods. They build the very foundation from which we draw countless stories and inspiration from. All in order to provide our customers with a plate full of local delicacies made with nothing less than love towards our belowed province of Carelia.


"Some eat to stay alive - we are lucky enough to live for the joy of eating. Food is our passion, our hobby and our profession. This joy, we wish to share with you. I welcome you to join us in embracing and enjoying the atmosphere that is Restaurant Linnoituksen Krouvi"





1. Salmon soup

Tasty soup with salmon, cream and fresh potatoes. Perfect as an appetizer or a lighter meal.

€ 7.80

3. Goat cheese salad

Fresh salad with goat cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, walnuts and cucumber compote.

€ 12.50

2. Mushroom soup

A delicous soup with fresh crop mushrooms, sour cream and cream.

€ 8.50

4. Salmon salad

Tasty salmon fillet prepared in house along with some potato, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and dill créme.

€ 14.00




€ 19.50

10. The Smoked Salmon

Delicious in-house prepared salmon fillet and tartar sauce with sourcream-herb potatoes and roasted vegetables.

€ 16.00

5. Fried local vendace with mashed potatoes

A local delicacy with fried vendace on the side of mashed potatoes, seasoned cucumbers and tartar sauce.

6. Hunter's sandwich

A large bread filled with delicious pork fillet and mushroom sauce. Comes with a fresh salad on the side.

€ 14.00

11. Pork fillet with pepper sauce

Tasty pork fillet served with french fries and pepper sauce. Comes with a fresh tomato-onion salad on the side.

€ 15.60

7. Chicken sandwich

White bread with chicken breast fillet and bearnaise sauce. Served with fresh salad on the side.

€ 15.20

12. The Krouvi Burger

The classic burger - a large steak with marinated onions. Served with french fries and fresh salad on the side.

€ 14.80

8. The House Steak

One of the house specialties offers a 180g beef sirloin steak served with french fries and fresh salad.

€ 23.40

13. The Veggie Burger

A sizable burger with wegetable patty. Served with fresh salad and french fries on the side.

€ 12.50

9. Meatballs a'la Krouvi

The absolute Finnish classic. Meatballs served with mashed potatoes, seasoned cucumbers and lingonberry jam.

€ 14.50




14. The House Cheese Cake

Truly delicious cheese cake served with strawberry melba.

€ 6.50

16. Chocolate fondant

A delicious yet beautiful, chocolaty dessert that's complemented nicely by orange sorbet.

€ 7.60

15. Pancakes

Pancakes with vanilla icecream, maple cyrup and blueberry jam.

€ 6.80

17. Macarons and Coffee

The classic combo - perfect for those in search for a light dessert.

€ 5.00

Wine and beer list


Sparkling wines and champagnes



€ 5,50 / € 32

Xenius Cava Semi-Seco, Espanja

Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve, Champagne, Ranska

€ 65

Xenius Cava Brut, Espanja

€ 5,50 / € 32

Baron Fuente Brut, Champagne, Ranska

€ 51



Rose and white wines

Domaene Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner, Itävalta

€ 5,00 / € 30

Yugo Airén, Espanja


€ 39

Julien Schaal Riesling Nature, Ranska

€ 6,50 / € 39

Pinot Blanc Klevner Réserve, Ranska

€ 36

Red wines



€ 5,00 / € 30

Yugo Crianza, Espanja

Truffle Row Hewitson, Australia

€ 40

Vina Leyda Carmenere Reserva, Chile

€ 5,90 / € 36

Château Poitevin 2012, Ranska

€ 49

Monte Giove Rosso, Italia

€ 5,80 / € 33

Alois Lageder Pinot Noir 2013, Italia

€ 45

Château de Montfaucon Côtes du Rhône 2013, Ranska

€ 6,50 / € 39

Scaia Corvina, Italia

€ 40

Sweet wines



Dindarello, Italia

€ 9,80 / 8 cl

Quinta de la Rosa Late bottled vintage Port, Portugali

€ 8,90 / 8 cl

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